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Yunnan Tea Moonlight White One Bud and One Leaf Tea Moonlight Beauty White Tea 200g

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Moonlight white picking unique, early spring, 9 o'clock in the morning, with dew collecting King Meishan
wild tree tea buds of a leaf, just picked fresh shoots placed in the earth-based room, using non-rolling
processing techniques, the Fresh leaves naturally cool on the dustpan, withering for a long time to stand
fermentation, the entire process of low temperature, natural hot air dry fresh leaves, the sun can not be seen
during the moon under the natural fermentation.

Moonlight white environment is more natural than white tea, foam resistance is much better
Its biggest feature is brewing, the natural fragrance overflowing, you can smell far
After the entrance, tea linger around the teeth, back to sweet endless, both with the fragrance of oolong tea, but also with mellow,
unique taste
Whether it is the first time to drink Pu'er, or a senior tea, once you drink it, you will be afraid to put it down

Brilliant yellow tea, rich mountain floral, very comfortable, very elegant, light sip entrance, mellow and smooth, mellow rather than
bitter,mild and sweet, I feel very pleasant pure heart, the same is true for the return of sweet, But also very resistant to brewing, teapot
bubble can be washed more than a dozen times!


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